Quality Assurance

Kawicaksanan kualitas sing paling ketat diwiwiti saka materialcontrol lan ditindakake nganti pungkasan pre-pengirimaninspection.
In supplement to our own QC facilities, we co-operate with global recognized laboratorieswith the following facilities:

     -CMM (Mesin Ukur Koordinat)

     - Projector


     -X-Ray Tester

     -Mikroskop Metallographic


     -Tes Tensil

     -Tester atose

     -Tester Semprot Uyah

     -Digital PlatingThickness Meter

Certificates Available

     -EN10304/DIN 50094 3.1.B 
     -EN10304 / DIN 50094 3.2
     -ISIR / PPAP
     -Laporan inspeksi pra-pengiriman
     -Third Party Test Report 

Contract Third Party Labs

     -Pengujian Fisik lan Pusat Analisis Bahan Kimia Bahan Metalik saka Industri Ornamansi China
     -Ningbo CSI Power & Machinery Group

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