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Est. in 1999, Auwell Industries is a customer-oriented industrial components supplier with a global commitment to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution by using up-to-date technology, state-of-the-art facilities and international partnerships.
We have own manufacture producing CNC machining parts and progressive stamping parts, with hundreds of contract manufactures, we are commit to assist the client for find a right manufacture and machines for right product at cost effective way.
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Produk Anyar

Why Auwell?


        -     More than 20 years of experience in
              the international market, especially in
              Germany, France, Italy and the US.
        -     Experienced and knowledgeable team
              assists clients to develop products
              from concept through prototype to
produksi massal.


        -     ISO9001-2015 Certified
- Sistem manajemen ERP
        -     Combined manufacturing and trading
kegiyatan nyedhiyakake pelanggan kanthi a
solusi lengkap mandheg kanggo
               product development and production.


- Pangerten babagan materi teknis
              and quality standards worldwide.
- Tim R&D ing omah kanggo teknik
- 3D nyithak prototipe Cepet.
- Proses manufaktur sing dioptimalake
              ensuring the best price ratio.

Quality Control

- Ora ana kualitas, ora ana bisnis. Paling
Kebijakan QC sing ketat diwiwiti kanthi materi
              to pre-shipment inspection.
        -     In supplement to our QC facilities – a
laboratorium sing diakoni sacara global dikontrak kanggo
asil tes sing dipercaya.

Efektif Biaya

        -     The right manufacturing processes for
produk sing tepat, efisiensi maksimal
              to ensure quality products at an
rega terjangkau.
        -     Flexible payment terms.

Logistik & Warehousing

- Pilihan incotermia fleksibel
        -     Reasonable stocks meet customers'
syarat telpon-mati

Product Development Flow Chat

  • Customers' Specification
  • Kelayakan Studay
  • Konfirmasi Rega
  • Desain Teknik
  • Prototyping & Approval
  • Tooling &
  • Produksi massal
  • Logistik &
  • Dhukungan kirim-sale
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